About Canine-Assisted Therapy

Therapaws of Michigan: Therapy Dog Visits photo

Individual Therapaws owner-dog teams are assigned to extended care facilities, hospitals, and other care centers for regularly scheduled visits.

Residents and patients are seen in their rooms or in group settings, in physical and occupational therapy clinics, waiting rooms, and other venues.

Emphasis is placed on one-on-one interaction with the dog who becomes a bridge for communication, motivation, encouragement, and empathy.

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Request Our Therapy Dog Visits

If you believe that canine-assisted therapy can make a difference to people in your care by having a positive effect on their motivation, treatment results, and morale, Therapaws can help you meet these needs.

Currently, Therapaws is only serving Washtenaw County, but having a Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) membership allows a person to make visits anywhere in the United States.

To request Therapaws therapy dog visits to your facility (extended care facilities, hospitals, and other care centers):

  1. Please print out this form (596 KB PDF file), fill in all the information, and mail it to:
    Therapaws of Michigan, Inc.
    P.O. Box 92
    Dexter, MI 48130
  2. A Therapaws member will contact you and discuss your needs and Therapaws' procedures.
  3. A demonstration by a senior Therapaws team will be arranged for you at your facility, after which regular visits will be planned as soon as a team is available for your facility.
  4. The first visit, or more if needed, by the assigned team will be monitored by an official observer.

Therapaws remains available in a support position. You can send us an email - info(at)therapaws.org - to find out what facilities are currently being visited by our therapy dog teams.

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